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Baraka Women’s Center initiated the program out of the conviction that technology has the power to bring about systemic change in basic literacy and education by transforming teaching and learning through integrating technology in the learning environment. This program provides women with access to the BWC computer lab and instruction to become computer literate. This program provides a platform to develop skills needed for business and job success.

Bridging the Digital Divide, Empowering Women

Baraka Women’s Center is committed to fostering digital empowerment through our Computer Literacy Training Program. In an increasingly digital world, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to gain essential computer skills. Our program is designed to provide women with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the digital landscape, opening doors to new opportunities.

Program Objectives

Basic Computer Skills

This helps women learn the fundamental computer skills, including using operating systems, word processing, and internet navigation.

Job Readiness

To help youths gain skills that enhance employability, including creating and formatting resumes, using job search platforms, and basic software proficiency.

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